Check out a couple of my selected projects below that I believe best represent me as an artist and performer. Both of these show are available for booking/touring. Get in touch to find out more information or to receive a marketing pack.


2019 - ongoing

Made Not Born is a solo performance that deals with my personal story of growing up in Hertfordshire, trying to fit in. I'm trying to figure out who I am, or who I want to be. In a country saturated by US influence, can there be such a thing as a Black British female identity? From Swan Lake to the Spice Girls via a bodybuilder mother, Made Not Born is my search for belonging. 

In the creation of this piece, it became clear that my relationship with my mum is a significant part of my search for belonging. The performance uses such influences as being confused by the Internet, my mother’s body and our link, to navigate a way to view my life, in my body in Britain

Supported by Talawa Studio Frist Programme 


2016 - ongoing

Live YouTube Tutorial –  DIY Music Video: 

Step 1: Choose a stereotype

Step 2: Build an avatar 

Step 3: Identify a space to occupy 

Step 4: Exaggerate, until absurd

Enticement Machine is a satirical rap video circus that distorts and negotiates the vision of the black woman under the lens of pop culture and stereotypes. Drawing on music videos, make-up tutorials and twerking, Enticement Machine combines dance, discussion and parody to interrogate the hyper-sexualisation of the black female body to the point of the absurd.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 14.59.31 copy.

Enticement Machine Trailer